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Is it a cake? Is it a burger? Whatever it is, it’s freaking delicious!

I love this little hamburger cake, and I’m really excited that it’s going to be featuring at The Pickers Union.

How did that collaboration come about? Ahh, the wonder that is Instagram. Sev and Bek from The Pickers Union liked and commented on one of my cakes (my sprinkle mania cake to be precise), and from there we got chatting and the hamburger cake was born.

I’ve loved perfecting the recipe for this one. The hamburger cake is not my idea, not by a long shot. There’s lots of great versions out there. I wanted to pay really careful attention to the flavours though, so I developed my own way of making each element. I fell back on my tried and tested brownie recipe that I’ve been making all my life for the ‘meat’. The swiss meringue ‘lettuce, cheese and tomato’ was trial and error, with more error than anything else at the start. I eventually nailed it though, it’s got the silkiest-melt-in-your-mouth feeling to it. What I like about swiss meringue buttercream is that it’s not too sweet. It doesn’t make your teeth grate together like normal buttercream can. It adds a deft light touch to this little cake.


At this stage I’m only doing one drop of burgers per week. We want to keep it as something really fun, and for people to look forward to. A lemon tart you have on your everyday menu, a cake that looks like a burger, well that’s for special occasions.

I’d love you to visit Sev and Bek at The Pickers Union and try out our mini hamburger cake thingy. Personally, I think it tastes better than a normal burger (but then again, when it comes to cake I’m truly bias).

Visit: The Pickers Union

3 Mackey St

Geelong, Vic

Open 7 days

ps – these are some of the promos we knocked up for the hamburger cake. A bit of fun.



And by the way…

Due to demand, and the fact that I’m really excited, I’m now taking cake orders. Read my new CAKES page for more information. If you’ve got a celebration coming up and would like a cake that is a little out of the ordinary (no fondant, bleck) and tastes bloody fantastic, I would love to make a cake for you.

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