I recently held a competition over on my Instagram feed. The prize was to win a sweetheart session with me where we would hang out and I’d take a whole bunch of awesome photographs. I love winter, and I particularly love winter shoots with couples, so I was really keen to get out there and give away this prize. I also really wanted to say thank you to the wonderful people who have been supporting me over on Instragram. I’ve only joined in the last few months (I’m being fashionably late to the party) and the response has been heartwarming and overwhelming. I treasure every single follow, like, repost and comment. I sit at home in my PJ’s feeling a whole lotta love.

So I ran the competition and the wonderful winners where Alison and Brad. Ali runs her own lifestyle blog which I highly recommend checking out, North of Here. After reading her blog before our shoot I really felt like I knew her already. She’s wonderfully honest on her blog which is a treasured quality in this day and age of really stylised blogs.


Ali, Brad and I braved the cold (I swear it was nearly zero degrees in the shade) and wandered around Geelong to get these great shots of them.


Recognise this blue door?



Ali and Brad have been together for ten years. They met in Geelong (on the dance floor of one our our most finest establishments), and have since moved to Darwin and now have settled in Melbourne. Coming to the shoot in Geelong was a bit of a trip down memory lane. Neither of them thought that one meeting one random night would lead to 10 years together. A fateful meeting for sure.


The light in winter is stunning. It can be so warm and gentle if you know how to find it. I love these next photos of Ali and Brad. I think they really show their bond, their love and their strength and a couple.



Ali’s tattoo says ‘to the moon and back’. Neat huh.


Thanks for coming out and playing in front of my camera Ali and Brad. It was wonderful to meet you, and take the time to celebrate what you guys have together.

I’m going to run more competitions like this one over on my Instagram page. I’d love if you came over and joined me. I post pretty often so there’s always something new and beautiful to see. (And if you want, let me know who you are by saying hi. I’m finding the insta-world a wonderful way to meet and connect with new people.)

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