Is it a cake? Is it a burger? Whatever it is, it’s freaking delicious!

I love this little hamburger cake, and I’m really excited that it’s going to be featuring at The Pickers Union.

How did that collaboration come about? Ahh, the wonder that is Instagram. Sev and Bek from The Pickers Union liked and commented on one of my cakes (my sprinkle mania cake to be precise), and from there we got chatting and the hamburger cake was born.

I’ve loved perfecting the recipe for this one. The hamburger cake is not my idea, not by a long shot. There’s lots of great versions out there. I wanted to pay really careful attention to the flavours though, so I developed my own way of making each element. I fell back on my tried and tested brownie recipe that I’ve been making all my life for the ‘meat’. The swiss meringue ‘lettuce, cheese and tomato’ was trial and error, with more error than anything else at the start. I eventually nailed it though, it’s got the silkiest-melt-in-your-mouth feeling to it. What I like about swiss meringue buttercream is that it’s not too sweet. It doesn’t make your teeth grate together like normal buttercream can. It adds a deft light touch to this little cake.


At this stage I’m only doing one drop of burgers per week. We want to keep it as something really fun, and for people to look forward to. A lemon tart you have on your everyday menu, a cake that looks like a burger, well that’s for special occasions.

I’d love you to visit Sev and Bek at The Pickers Union and try out our mini hamburger cake thingy. Personally, I think it tastes better than a normal burger (but then again, when it comes to cake I’m truly bias).

Visit: The Pickers Union

3 Mackey St

Geelong, Vic

Open 7 days

ps – these are some of the promos we knocked up for the hamburger cake. A bit of fun.



And by the way…

Due to demand, and the fact that I’m really excited, I’m now taking cake orders. Read my new CAKES page for more information. If you’ve got a celebration coming up and would like a cake that is a little out of the ordinary (no fondant, bleck) and tastes bloody fantastic, I would love to make a cake for you.


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The last few weeks have totally surreal. I could lie and pretend that I was cool-as-a-cuccumber, that I expecting things to take the turn that they have, but I’m a really crappy liar (it’s amazing I’ve managed to keep the Santa thing going with the kids for so many years to be honest). The truth is I’m floored, gobsmacked, excited and totally freaked out.

And this was the cake which started it all.

I posted a photo of this cake to Instagram two weeks ago. At the gentle nudging of a lovely friend of mine, I put the photo up. I thought I might get a few likes, maybe a nice comment or two. What I didn’t expect was for my Instagram feed to go ballistic. To be honest my Insta-feed had been pretty lacklustre up until that point so I really wasn’t expecting the excitement the cake caused. I got likes and comments from some of my favourite baking people in the world. IN-THE-WORLD! I ran up to my husband holding my phone out saying ‘Sweetapolita just commented on my cake!!’. (The poor guy’s not even on instagram, let alone know who Sweetapolita is, so thought I was speaking complete gibberish).

This is the crappy phone photo I took of the cake to show my mum. Coz seriously, that’s about as excited about the cake I thought anyone would get.

And now it’s two weeks since I posted the photo and so much has happened. I’m working on a cake collaboration with one of my absolute favourite Geelong cafes which will be launched next week. I’ve been asked to include something sweet and delicious to an upcoming workshop being held by two inspirational women, and I’m going to be baking something SUPER special for an event at my most cherished venue in the area.

I know, whoa right?

I had no idea what one little photo of one little cake should do so much. I don’t want to jinx any of this by overthinking it, over planning it, or just generally over baking it (hah, see what I did there?). Instead I’m trying to be the opposite of what I usually am and letting it happen as it will.

I’m just really excited to see where my cakes might take me.

And by the way…

Due to demand, and the fact that I’m really excited, I’m now taking cake orders. Read my new CAKES page for more information. If you’ve got a celebration coming up and would like a cake that is a little out of the ordinary (no fondant, bleck) and tastes bloody fantastic, I would love to make a cake for you.


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I recently held a competition over on my Instagram feed. The prize was to win a sweetheart session with me where we would hang out and I’d take a whole bunch of awesome photographs. I love winter, and I particularly love winter shoots with couples, so I was really keen to get out there and give away this prize. I also really wanted to say thank you to the wonderful people who have been supporting me over on Instragram. I’ve only joined in the last few months (I’m being fashionably late to the party) and the response has been heartwarming and overwhelming. I treasure every single follow, like, repost and comment. I sit at home in my PJ’s feeling a whole lotta love.

So I ran the competition and the wonderful winners where Alison and Brad. Ali runs her own lifestyle blog which I highly recommend checking out, North of Here. After reading her blog before our shoot I really felt like I knew her already. She’s wonderfully honest on her blog which is a treasured quality in this day and age of really stylised blogs.


Ali, Brad and I braved the cold (I swear it was nearly zero degrees in the shade) and wandered around Geelong to get these great shots of them.


Recognise this blue door?



Ali and Brad have been together for ten years. They met in Geelong (on the dance floor of one our our most finest establishments), and have since moved to Darwin and now have settled in Melbourne. Coming to the shoot in Geelong was a bit of a trip down memory lane. Neither of them thought that one meeting one random night would lead to 10 years together. A fateful meeting for sure.


The light in winter is stunning. It can be so warm and gentle if you know how to find it. I love these next photos of Ali and Brad. I think they really show their bond, their love and their strength and a couple.



Ali’s tattoo says ‘to the moon and back’. Neat huh.


Thanks for coming out and playing in front of my camera Ali and Brad. It was wonderful to meet you, and take the time to celebrate what you guys have together.

I’m going to run more competitions like this one over on my Instagram page. I’d love if you came over and joined me. I post pretty often so there’s always something new and beautiful to see. (And if you want, let me know who you are by saying hi. I’m finding the insta-world a wonderful way to meet and connect with new people.)

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They say home is where the heart is. For Elea and Cheng, this saying couldn’t be more true. For them, home is where the other one is.


Elea met Cheng when she was here holidaying in Australia. She and her friends met up with some other friends. In this other bunch of friends was Cheng. I guess it really is true that it’s not what you know but who you know. They met while visiting the beautiful 12 apostles, so we decided to replicate that seaside vibe for their sweetheart session.



I love this part of the world, this is my backyard. Behind Elea and Cheng is Barwon Heads and Ocean Grove. Turn to the left and you can see all the way to Torquay. Elea and Cheng marvelled at the beauty of the landscape, and it felt really special to be able to share one my favourite places in the world with them.


Okay, I’m just going to say it (because I said it a million times on our shoot), THAT DRESS! Elea’s dress was stunning. Made of neoprene and falling effortlessly to the ground, it was perfect. Almost as beautiful as the girl wearing it. “I bought it online,” Elea said, “so I wasn’t completely sure what I was going to get. Luckily it turned out okay!” It’s better than okay, it’s flipping fantastic.


So Cheng and Elea made a long distance relationship work for a while. Did you ever think you’d settle in Australia, I asked Elea? “No, no way. I’ve lived in Malaysia, Singapore and America, but Australia never crossed my mind. But then I met Cheng.” Cheng’s family immigrated here when he was ten, and since then he’s loved having his roots here. Now though, home is where the other one is, no matter which country that is.


That light. Those smiles. The love.


As the sun set on our backs, Elea and Cheng did a quick change of outfit and we headed down onto the beach to take some final photographs. Breathing in sea air at the end of the day is bliss. Spending the last dying moments of light with these two was magical.



Ah, that beautiful soft sunset. So good.


Elea and Cheng are getting married over in Bali in just a few months. I asked them what they were looking forward to most about the wedding and Elea giggled. “Getting to wear my dress!”


Thanks for sharing this incredibly special time in your lives Elea and Cheng. These precious moments just before you get married should be cherished, so it was very special to be able to capture them for you. All the best for your Balinese wedding. Can’t wait until you tell me all about it when you get back.


Meaghan xo

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