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They say home is where the heart is. For Elea and Cheng, this saying couldn’t be more true. For them, home is where the other one is.


Elea met Cheng when she was here holidaying in Australia. She and her friends met up with some other friends. In this other bunch of friends was Cheng. I guess it really is true that it’s not what you know but who you know. They met while visiting the beautiful 12 apostles, so we decided to replicate that seaside vibe for their sweetheart session.



I love this part of the world, this is my backyard. Behind Elea and Cheng is Barwon Heads and Ocean Grove. Turn to the left and you can see all the way to Torquay. Elea and Cheng marvelled at the beauty of the landscape, and it felt really special to be able to share one my favourite places in the world with them.


Okay, I’m just going to say it (because I said it a million times on our shoot), THAT DRESS! Elea’s dress was stunning. Made of neoprene and falling effortlessly to the ground, it was perfect. Almost as beautiful as the girl wearing it. “I bought it online,” Elea said, “so I wasn’t completely sure what I was going to get. Luckily it turned out okay!” It’s better than okay, it’s flipping fantastic.


So Cheng and Elea made a long distance relationship work for a while. Did you ever think you’d settle in Australia, I asked Elea? “No, no way. I’ve lived in Malaysia, Singapore and America, but Australia never crossed my mind. But then I met Cheng.” Cheng’s family immigrated here when he was ten, and since then he’s loved having his roots here. Now though, home is where the other one is, no matter which country that is.


That light. Those smiles. The love.


As the sun set on our backs, Elea and Cheng did a quick change of outfit and we headed down onto the beach to take some final photographs. Breathing in sea air at the end of the day is bliss. Spending the last dying moments of light with these two was magical.



Ah, that beautiful soft sunset. So good.


Elea and Cheng are getting married over in Bali in just a few months. I asked them what they were looking forward to most about the wedding and Elea giggled. “Getting to wear my dress!”


Thanks for sharing this incredibly special time in your lives Elea and Cheng. These precious moments just before you get married should be cherished, so it was very special to be able to capture them for you. All the best for your Balinese wedding. Can’t wait until you tell me all about it when you get back.


Meaghan xo

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You know how some people just sparkle?


You know, those ones you are magnetic. You can’t help but lean in, listen when they speak, and feel warm when they smile your way.


Tania and Simon sparkle. From the moment they greeted me with their encapsulating smiles, they had me drawn in hook line and sinker. (Willingly, I might add.)


Tania and Simon have known each other for a long time. It happens that way when you are from the same small town. In Wangaratta, you pretty much get to know everyone when you grow up there. But it wasn’t until they moved away from home, to the city,  that they truly found each other.meaghancook_photographer_0003PINmeaghancook_photographer_0004PINmeaghancook_photographer_0005PIN

I see love manifest itself in many different ways every day. It shows itself in a touch, a smile, a soft word. With these two, their love showed itself in the way they’ve got each other’s back. Their admiration and respect for each other was so evident. So full of love.meaghancook_photographer_0006PINmeaghancook_photographer_0007PINmeaghancook_photographer_0008PINmeaghancook_photographer_0009PIN

We wandered, we chatted, we laughed. I showed them some of my favourite places in Geelong, and we stopped along the way for a photograph here and there. It was such a relaxing way to spend a morning.


Tania, your laugh lights up the world.meaghancook_photographer_0013PINmeaghancook_photographer_0014PINmeaghancook_photographer_0015PIN

Tania and Simon, it was a thrill to take these photographs of you. Thank you for sharing your warmth, laughter and love with me.meaghancook_photographer_0016PIN


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What do you do when you are newly married, have nothing to tie you down and the world at your feet? Why you fly halfway around the world to try out life in Australia.


Say hi to Alex and Cathryn, who have done exactly that. They were married a year ago, and moved to Australia from England in search of adventure and a new life.


I was so privileged to have these two in front of my camera. They are warm and witty, caring and interested in the world around them.


Alex is a kick arse photographer, and Cathryn is a fashion designer and artist. I strongly recommend checking out her amazing blog Pencil and Stitches. Such talent! (you can also take a look at their gorgeous wedding on there too.)

Alex, what can I say? Total hot sauce!


And Cathryn, DAMN GIRL!may_0004PINmay_0005PINmay_0006PINmay_0007PIN

Holllaaaaa! One of my absolute favourite shots from our shoot. So much love in every single inch of the shot. You guys make the warmth in this photo absolutely sing.may_0008PINmay_0009PINmay_0010PINmay_0011PINmay_0012PIN

The sun was setting on our shoot – a total blessing. I love these shots to pieces. (Maybe it’s due to my love affair with Alex and Cathryn getting a little out of control?)


Thank you Alex and Cathryn, for being so awesome. For showing me that you can change your life to make it something you want it to be, to look adventure in the eye and take it on. To not be afraid, because you never know what wonderful things are waiting for you around the corner.


meaghan xo


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When you find love while you are young, you grab it with both hands and never let go.


Bek and Dan were lucky enough to find each other and fall madly in love. Both of them had the courage to cease it, to get married, and to never let go.


I loved our photo shoot in around some beautiful Geelong areas. (Gee there’s an abundance of insanely gorgeous places for photography in Geelong. I’m just sayin!) Bek and Dan bought their open hearts and beautifully warm personalities which kept us all going on the chilly morning.

walker_0049PINWinter has got to be one of my favourite times of year for photo shoots. Am I crazy? Perhaps a little (my hands do tend to get v-v-very cold). But there’s no denying the gorgeous colours that are around. My camera had a field day.


*big hearted happy sigh*walker_0053PINwalker_0054PINwalker_0055PINwalker_0056PINwalker_0057PINwalker_0058PIN

Bek’s incredibly warm personality shines from her eyes. She’s ambitious and sees the world full of good. I hope a little of that rubbed off on me.walker_0059PIN

Seriously Dan, could you get any more awesome? Dan is wise beyond his years, which I found to be so incredibly refreshingwalker_0060PINwalker_0061PIN

And just a quick shout out to Dan. Thanks for matching the wall!walker_0062PIN

A super quick costume stage and it was out and about again. These two really loved having time being together. Sure, I was there with my camera, but really these two were just so connected. They talk and share and enjoy just being together. Heart warming stuff.walker_0063PINwalker_0064PINwalker_0065PINAnd one more gorgeous photo for luck. (Not that we needed it AT ALL!)walker_0066PIN


Thankyou Bek and Dan for rugging up and coming to roam the streets with me and my camera. Your love is shiny and bright, and it was an honour to capture it for you.

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