Meaghan Cook is widely known as the down ball champion of St Brendans Primary school circa 1987.

Also, she is known to have peaked in 1987 and has been living on her former glory days ever since.

Luckily Meaghan is also known for being a dab hand with the camera. She’s photographed countless weddings over her 10-year career (countless because she’s dyslexic and can’t count). She’s photographed people swapping rings and saliva as far away as Paris and London and as close by as her own back yard (literally, Hannah and Jed got married in her backyard).

Her photos have appeared in Cosmopolitan Bride, Vogue Brides, Hello May and on the fridges of several proud grandmothers who want to show off their grandchild getting married. Capture Magazine awarded her ‘Australian Emerging Photographer of the Year 2008’ and that same year Vic Roads awarded her a full drivers license of which she was equally proud.

Meaghan has conducted photography workshops for people wanting to know their ON buttons from their you know what’s. She loves to be able to pass on her photography knowledge to people who inevitably go on to become better photographers than her.

Meaghan is also a former journalist, former teacher, former Olympian, former host of Sunrise, former Wiggle, former believer in not washing her hair before she figured out it was just gross, former champion of the double bounce on the trampoline, and former friend of Osher Ginsberg (when he was known as Andrew G).*

Meaghan is known to her family, friends and people yelling at her in the street as: Meags, Megs, Cookie, Thingamajig, Pork Chop, Pop-Tart, Muffin, Waffles. She sometimes gets her names and what she had for lunch mixed up.

*Only some of these things are true.