I’ve got flour smudged on my cheek, cake batter on my elbows and a big smile on my fave. Whoa, what an end to the year!

Thanks so to everyone for your incredible support. I’ve been so elated at all the people who have reached out to order cakes, or emailed to say lovely thing to me, or liked and followed my cakes on Instagram. You’ve all made me feel so goddamn awesome, I can’t thank you enough.

I’m fully booked until 2016. So while the oven is churning, the online bakery is closed. I’ll be back in the new year with something very new and exciting. To be the first to know sign up to my email newsletter.

You can also follow me all through December and into 2016 over on Instagram. I’d love you to stop by and say hey.

I hope you get to eat cake, at least a dozen times, over the holidays. See you next year with new cakes, new flowers, new collaborations and new projects!

Meaghan xo


Need some cake action? Shoot me an email meaghan@meaghancook.com and I’ll happily chat cakes with you. 





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