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Mini burger cakes @The Pickers Union

Is it a cake? Is it a burger? Whatever it is, it’s freaking delicious! I love this little hamburger cake, and

The cake that started it all

The last few weeks have totally surreal. I could lie and pretend that I was cool-as-a-cuccumber, that I

Alison and Brad

I recently held a competition over on my Instagram feed. The prize was to win a sweetheart session with me where we

Elea and Cheng

They say home is where the heart is. For Elea and Cheng, this saying couldn’t be more true. For them,

Kacey and Campbell

  Sometimes people come along and they leave a big ol’ footprint on your heart. View full post »

Tania and Simon

You know how some people just sparkle?   You know, those ones you are magnetic. You can’t help but lean

Cathryn and Alex

What do you do when you are newly married, have nothing to tie you down and the world at your feet? Why you fly

Bek and Dan

When you find love while you are young, you grab it with both hands and never let go.   Bek and Dan were

Barbara and Illia

I love my job. Getting to witness, and beautifully capture, two people in love is such a special thing. I am so

Grace and Rohan

” For approximately two thousand, four hundred and seventeen days I have loved you. The moment you stepped into

One photo everyday for a month

When I was 7, I wanted to give up piano. “Puh-leeeeeese,” I wailed. “My feet can’t even reach

Ashleigh and Andrew

  When I first met Ashleigh for coffee, almost a year ago, she was a little nervous about her wedding. Not

But is it *gasp* overdone?

I received an email from Grace*. In it she described a certain photo that she would like me to take at her wedding.

Alivia and Alex

This is the story of a dress. This is the story of a girl wearing that dress. And the story of the man who loves her.

Megan and Jayson

This is the other Aunty Megan. Well, to be precise, I’m the other Aunty Meaghan, and she’s just Aunty

Jessie and Nick

Sometimes people come into your life at just the right time. It might be when you are finally ready to accept

100 emotions in one day

During the speeches, couples always go through 100 different emotions. In the space of just a few minutes they can go

Why am I a wedding photographer?

I was sitting with a couple having a coffee and chatting about their upcoming wedding. We could see the sea

Perks of being a wedding photographer

    Every job has it’s perks. Whether it be long boozy lunches for the office going set, or

Samantha and Terry

Just weeks before her wedding, Samantha phoned me. “I was wondering, hopefully, fingers crossed, can you shoot

Ashlea and Cameron

Sometimes it can be hard to admit how a relationship may have started. Sometimes it’s not auspicious, not

Veronica and Brett

Brett and Veronica’s wedding was an all out celebration of love.  Their ceremony was full of heartfelt


I watch a bride very carefully in the morning. I watch them take a big, deep, breathe in. Then they hold it. They go